Tuesday, August 2, 2011

From Humble Beginnings

Though I've told the tale before on this very blog, it's time to rehash it again just for consistency's sake.

We had been calling ourselves V-Squad for some time now, thanks to Nikki's custom chat channel that didn't get as much use as we thought it would. I mean, there were only five of us and we were together nearly every night.

There was a small house in the fields north of Coronet that acted as our base, and the galaxy was our mission objective. Things couldn't be better.

During one night of hanging out at our "headquarters", Mileena was lamenting the fact that she would face difficult times ahead as a doctor. It was her theory that such professions were only successful when backed by a guild.

Then why don't we form a guild?

It seemed a simple enough statement; an obvious answer to a crystal clear question. Once Nikki and Phantom were brought on board with the idea - and they were immediately sold - it turned out to be just as easy.

We figured out how many missions per day would be needed to pay the maintenance, located a nearby architect named Kaptori to build the required structure for us, and got to work on getting together the money. We pooled everything we had and acquired the deed.

We located a site not far from our home, again north of Coronet and overlooking the second river you would cross if you ran straight north. You wouldn't even need a waypoint. Just leave Coronet and pickup that strange little peninsula that ran along the eastern side of the bay. It would curve around north and let you off very close to the site of our headquarters.

Naturally, we named ourselves V-Squad. Kaptori came to visit since she had never built a guild hall before.

We couldn't have been happier. Everyone chose their own room, though as we grew, they'd branch out into their own facilities nearby.

But no matter where we chose to live, where we elected to explore, we were still united under a single banner.

V-Squad had arrived.

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