Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Squad Handler / Creature Leader

Vincer eventually attained Novice Squad Leader with little fanfare. I do recall the final combat experience required came from blasting down a Sharnaff somewhere on Tatooine.

But we'll talk about Squad Leader in depth another time.  Because it was obvious from the numerous pet taming requests Vincer received that he was more known for his Creature Handler abilities then his squad leading. (At least for now. I'll show them!!)

It all started with little Scruffy and wouldn't end until every baby was found!

But experience was good, right? And a happy squad is an effective squad!

Creature Handlers could "share" out their pets so they would take orders from others. Scruffy was frequently rented out for this purpose.

But this was only temporary. Everyone wanted a pet of their own. Cyra wanted a squall. Mileena, a nuna. Phantom wanted a... well, I forget what that thing was.

Baby pets found in the wild meant that everything would stop so we could decide if anyone wanted it. We became careful at tapping lairs. We were pet crazy!

But that was what made the system so engaging. Everyone could have a pet if they wanted, though they might be limited in their abilities to control them.

For now, acquiring pets for others was just a novelty. It was still several weeks away before mounts would be introduced into the game and Vincer would finally hit 1 million credits for his business.

But everyone's joy at becoming pet owners for the first time was priceless.

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