Monday, August 1, 2011

Home is Where the Waypoint Says

The housing system in SWG was a game within a game. But actually getting one would be harder then it should have been.

Well, that's not entirely true.

Acquiring a house wasn't so hard; Vincer had done it twice already. But finding said house again was another matter. The one from beta became lost in a suburban Tatooine sprawl, and the one we purchased after launch was up and stolen by the Mon Calamari Gwek.

But if at first you don't succeed... try again! Only this time, set a waypoint and for all that's holy, don't let Gwek place the deed or be an admin!

We found a nice quiet spot north of Cornet city, not far from a river and trees.

Though we weren't a guild - as there was no way we could afford the guild hall deed yet - we started to call ourselves V-Squad. The sign on the door made us as official as we could afford. "No Gweks Allowed" just didn't seem as immersive.

Everyone contributed, chair here, or maybe a throw pillow there. It wasn't much, but it was ours. Crashing out in the back of cantinas after a long days hunt was an antiquated idea.

Cyra even allowed Vincer to show off his prize catches on the floor. Now that's true love!

Amber feigned no interest in this. It's not that she was opposed to eating fish, but she wouldn't do so if there wasn't a plate under it. Such a lady!

Even the houses in SWG could take on a life of their own. A home could be used as a storehouse, or be built up into a quiet hangout to discuss goals, real life, professions, or to just sit and practice crafting mouse droids or image design. (I often placed my trust in Mileena as she did this to me. How did Cyra get off so easy?)

It was during one of those hangout sessions where the designs for the squad were made. We would no longer be a guild only on our sign. We aimed higher, and made plans on how to get there.

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