Saturday, December 27, 2008

Classic SWG: Building the Guild

Vincer, Cyra and Mileena rest in their shared home on Corellia. It was during this session that the first discussions were held about forming a guild. It would not be long before the idea was presented to Nikki (an entertainer with death-defying brawling skills) and Phantom (a commando and heavy weapons specialist). The small team agreed that forming a guild was a good idea to help secure their future and to make official the team that they had long been refining.

Once they saved enough money, an order was placed with a nearby architect by the name of Kaptori. Soon after, the guildhall was created along the rivers north of Coronet, and V-Squad was born. By Nikki's suggestion, five chairs, each with the name of the original five founding members, were placed in the center of the hall about a round table.

Though V-Squad would live for only two years, the guild hall still stands on Coronet, though it's location has changed a few times since.

(Date: mid-2003)

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