Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Troops. Oops.

When we last left our heroes, they had been outgunned by a capable Stormtrooper squad while working on tasks assigned by a Sith and a Jedi out by the Jedi Temple Ruins on Dantooine.

Seated at the round table in the V-Squad Headquarters on Corellia, a new battle plan was drawn up and sold to the squad: Openly declare our allegiance to the Rebellion and recruit Alliance troopers to accompany us into battle with the Stormtroopers.

There was a Rebel agent just in Coronet; one that the squad knew about from the Cries of Alderaan quest.

On the way to the starport, we'd stop here to declare our allegiance, purchase Rebel troopers with the faction points we had been accumulating, and then travel to Dantooine and the Jedi Temple to exact our revenge!

Mileena needed the most coaxing, but everyone else was on board, so she joined. Todeki was back for another round. We loaded upon troopers, put our heads on a swivel, and dropped in on Dantooine to begin the long trek.

Though not from the same day, here's a picture of some of the Rebel troopers:

What happened next was never captured in pictures. It happened entirely too fast, but was never forgotten.

The Squad exited the starport to find that an Imperial player had already setup a position here... along with his AT-ST. The battle erupted in split seconds. The AT-ST was cutting us down as fast as we could fire back. Todeki and Phantom were very instrumental with their damage, while Mileena and Vincer provided healing; Nikki and Cyra attacking from various ranges as smugglers were capable of.

The AT-ST was far too powerful for the squad, but the Imperial was more exposed. Once we concerted our efforts on taking down the commander, the walker was inoperable and a non-factor.

V-Squad survived and even claimed victory, but the price was steep. We had lost all of our Rebel companions to the last Rodian. In no shape to take on the Stormtroopers by the Jedi Temple, the squad abandoned the quest.

We did eventually get our mitts on those Jedi Holocrons. It turns out that the Sith who had them wanted them delivered, no questions asked. Without taking anything in collateral from us, we snatched up the holocrons and marched home without delivering them. Silly Sith!

They didn't do anything beside look very cool as decorations in our headquarters. Several months later, Phantom would report that someone had broken in and smashed all of them into splinters.

I like to think it was that evil Sith camper. I mean, that's what evil does right?

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