Thursday, August 11, 2011

If At First You Don't Succeed...

Try something else! The Rebel troopers that we enlisted from the Alliance Recruiter were annihilated in a single battle with an AT-ST. Maybe it was time to abandon the whole "Let's go do that Jedi Temple Quest as PvP-enabled with Troopers" thing on account of the disaster which awaited us. But we learned that our small squad could still pack a powerful punch if we supplemented ourselves with meatshields finely trained soldiers.

Annihilating Imperial mission points was a fun hobby for V-Squad, so acquiring the necessary pull with the Alliance brass was a simple matter. To be honest, we knew which terminal missions NOT to take since they were guaranteed to include an AT-ST. The payout was the same as the other missions; less if you count cloning and repair costs.

We didn't get the lovely toys that our Imperial counterparts received, but what we lacked in hardware we made up for with moxie. Instead, we received a series of very plain looking Rodians or Twi'leks, none of which dressed in anything that resembled Alliance gear.

Boy, could we use them to fill out a squad! Between our pets, troopers, and droids, we would have a small army to run around with.

We had probe droids, Rodians, a Peko Peko, whatever Steely was, and Mileena with her perilous noogies o' doom. Oh yes... and Plump, the rotund mountain worrt who was known for swallowing Stormtroopers whole and performing a vertical leap trick that had him fly up and off everyone's monitor to a roaring, approving laughter.

The two-legged sabretoothed walrus pictured with Plump belonged to Cyra. Were it not for the tusks, you wouldn't know if he was coming or going, and you still might have a doubt.

Yes, we had a legion to accompany us. We'd declare and deploy with rebel recruiter who was located in a remote area of Lok, away from AT-ST-owning Imperials what wanted to step on us.

Now that we had an army, we just needed something to blast. Let's see... we're on Lok. We're looking for something to hunt.

Any ideas?

I'm thinking something that rhymes with bimogila. Ladies, gather up your goon squad and let's roll!

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