Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Church Going Folk

A visit to Dantooine was always full of excitement and danger. In the days before creature mounts or speeders, a simple hike across the colorful plains could turn into a high-stepping sprint for survival.

Or, it could turn into a journey into the imagination; a flirtation with the near limitless possibilities that living in the Star Wars universe could provide.

The V-Squad and our ally Todeki made the perilous journey to the Jedi Temple, rumored to be located in the far off adventure world of Dantooine. After carefully gearing up and plotting our course, we found the mysterious location and dared to hope we found something more.

The ruins hinted that this site might have been much larger in it's day; grander and more impressive then we could perceive. We explored around, avoiding or defeating a few Imperial patrols that snooped about.

The squad split up at some point, finding different things that caught each of our fancies. We had come a long way, and were going to get our credit's worth.

We still had not realized just how much more there was to take in. Besides the arches, crumbled remains of the temple, and the spectacular views of the flora, two more secrets were about to be uncovered; one surprising and one decidedly more sinister.

As it turned out, a splish-splash in the waterfall showed a hidden passageway into the mountain. The squad, jumped right in for the next leg of the adventure.

Inside was a Jedi in hiding, saved from the Purge by her master. She planned to arrange a strike against the Empire, and needed our aid to take down a Stormtrooper squad. This sounded like a job for V-Squad.

She was not alone in this area. Vincer and Phantom located a Force wielder of a different kind. He was located outside of the hidden caves, having a nice little Sith barbecue at his camp.

But what he offered to us lit a fire under our imaginations. Maybe it is just the temptation of the dark side, but he showed us something we had not before seen.

A Jedi Holocron, a physical recording of the teachings of the Jedi. Or some such magical mumbo jumbo. Vincer didn't subscribe to those smoke and mirror tricks. But Cyra and Nikki did. Like it or not, we were all in this together.

Though this unhappy Sith camper was evil, we felt that we could do something to take advantage of the situation, to do the right thing... and still make off with that shiny Holocron!

Was this the way to unlocking jedi?

At this point, no one had done so. The Path was only rumored. That the temple was not bursting at the seams with other players gave us a dose of reality, but we dared to dream.

We set out to do... well, it was the impossible. The Stormtrooper squad we were to take down proved to be too tough for us, even with the added firepower of Todeki joining Phantom's arsenal.

We were sent back to the cloners, licking our wounds, repackaging our pride, and left trying to figure out what went wrong, and how we could correct it.

Seated at our round table the next day, Vincer hatched a plan. It was bold. But it was possible.

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