Tuesday, August 23, 2011

That's Entertainment!

The hosts for the evening - V-Squad - were decked out in their finest blue hued outfits. The guild hall was decorated and ready. The invitations were sent. The guests were arriving. It was party time.

The "master of ceremonies" Killdoran didn't miss a beat. He hired musical acts that hopefully would not either. Sparing no expense, he brought in two of the biggest acts to be found in the galaxy.

The first was the Academy of Dance and Music, called A.D.A.M. by their adoring fans.

The second act was the absolutely hilarious quartet called the Deevahs, who claimed to be not so distant relatives of Princess Leia. Actually there were five, but one was apparently sick or hungover. We never really knew for certain.

But the "master" didn't stop there. The night would be full of levity and fun thanks to the drinks served by the friendly bartender Icon Ogel, while the nightsky would be full of colorful fireworks from a pyrotechnics expert who arrived - much to our own fears - in full armor.

And to ensure that the whole event would be preserved so I could write about it eight years later, the photographer of Starsider Addy was brought in.

Before we get much further into the party and the guests, let's have a look at the hired entertainment through the eyes of Addy.

Icon arrived early to check out his bar that Cyra built. He was very impressed and was eager to pose in front of it before getting down to the business of stocking it up with the best he could muster.

Icon turned out to be the perfect bartender, quick to serve and offer some wit and humor, or just an ear to hear talk off.

A.D.A.M. was starting to trickle in, and were not yet ready to take the stage until all of their members were present. But not to worry, the Deevahs took to the stage as the perfect opening act.

The Deevahs mixed music and comedy, and a voracious appetite that made Icon more then a little nervous since he didn't stock any of their favorite snackages that they would call for in lieu of tips. Upon learning that that party staff hadn't stocked any of these mysterious snackages, they turned their sights on the tasty-looking Scruffy.

Scruffy survived the experience, and went on to be a star in his own right with the party. Meanwhile, the rest of us weren't sure of our safety when our pyrotechnics guru continued to make repeated trips to Icon's bar.

Finally, all of the Academy of Dance and Music members arrived. The Deevahs took a well-deserved break and let A.D.A.M perform their unique blend of music and moves. While the Deevahs were a musical comedy act, A.D.A.M. was a polished and serious band that took to their craft like masters.

But this was only the beginning of the fun and delight for the party-goers. You've met the entertainment staff, but now it's time to see just how they brought the house down... or maybe blow it up.

Icon! Flag that fireworks fellow!


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