Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Guest Starring...

After a few tense minutes where it seemed we would get very little turnout, some guests started to arrive to V-Squad's party.

Most of these faces were new to us. These were people who heard of a party and decided to come check out the atmosphere, fun, and live entertainment.

We were delighted to make acquaintances with a few neighbors that we didn't know we had. The Daring Brigands operated just north and west of our base. Two of their high-ranking members arrived to make nice and to further expand the Alliance influence on Corellia.

Others continued to trickle in, one-by-one and most a little unsure of what to expect. They were met by the always gregarious Killdoran and then relaxed with the comedic stylings of the Deevahs. Guests mingled, drinks would flow, and the party started to really take off.

The bartender, Icon, had his flippers full. He didn't leave a dry cup in the house and proved to be the best choice for tending the bar. Later, we would learn that he never did it before. It would not be the last time, either.

It looked like V-Squad's party was going to be an enormous hit, with credit to Killdoran for putting it all together, and a slight nod to Cyra for decorating the hall.

Some recognition should be given to Mileena as well. She handled the security, never wavering to take a drink, lower her weapon, or even move very far from the entrance. Little did we know her keen eyes and awareness would be needed.

For you see, everyone who had arrived thus far were all a part of the Rebel Alliance or had remained neutral in the Civil War.

But that... was about to change.


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