Monday, August 22, 2011

Party Time!

Killdoran came up with the idea to have a party for V-Squad and open it up to anyone who might want to have a good time.

V-Squad was a relatively small guild and did not actively recruit or advertise. This was a step in unfamiliar territory, but Killdoran took the whole thing under his wing and took off. He advertised on the forums, hired a photographer, a bartender, pyrotechnics engineer, and two musical acts.

Cyra spent the day decorating the guild hall, building a bar from scratch and lighting tiki torches for effect.

Everything was in place. Now all that was needed was... well... Killdoran's final idea.

"I think it would be good if everyone in the squad wore blue."

Blue was somewhat of an unofficial, official color for V-Squad. It was used on our signs, and Vincer thought he looked very fetching in it. Just ask him. So the word went out to the squad: wear something blue. And everyone did. Killdoran took it to the next level and changed his Zabrak face tattoos to blue also. He looked the part of the "Master of Ceremonies".

Cyra looked stunning in an off-the-shoulder gown and evening gloves. Having slaved and decorated all day to make the guild hall party-worthy, she earned a brief rest off on the sidelines as the event started ramping up.

The shocker of the night was that our resident hard-edged hunter, Mileena, arrived in a lovely mult-hued dress... and a flamethrower. She became the security staff and refused to relax for more then a moment.

There were no eye-witnesses to confirm if she visited the bar at any point during the night. Similarly, no one reported any burns, intentional or otherwise.

Prion, however, was a victim to the limited fashions that Wookiees had available to them at the time. He should be remembered as a Shopping Warrior of Renown for finding the closest blue gear he could on such short notice.

I suspect that his wife Serendipity decided to go with muted blues to match. I also suspect that both she and Prion walked straight past Mileena (shown in the background) without recognizing her in such a party get-up!

Vincer let Cyra dress him up, of course. She went with a classic blue cut shirt and belted pants, but he refused to part with his tipless gloves. This was a party afterall, not his funeral!

Nikki and Phantom arrived a little later, but were dressed in the proper attire as well. V-Squad delivered on Killdoran's demands! Nikki went with the blue and white dress, matching makeup and a giant hat for her lekku.

Phantom went for a military casual look, with black boots and gloves and loose tie. He was not much of a party animal, but sat quietly by and enjoyed the sights and sounds of the evening.

Now that you've met the squad and saw them all decked out in their finest blue, let's move on and introduce you to the evening's entertainment... and get this party started!


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