Thursday, August 4, 2011

Come Hair Often?

If you've followed along even casually, you would know that Vincer, the character, values the quality of his image; from his clothes, his speeders, and especially his hair.

There were a few long hair options available for starter humans, but the long, unkempt look did not capture Vincer's personality. So while the rest of the squad was busy doing "less important things" then worrying about Vincer's appearance, he stepped inside the cool, dark interior of the cantina on Lok to see if he could find an image designer.

As fate would have it, he not only found someone to do his hair, but he found the same stylist who did his hair from the first week of launch!

She wouldn't remember Vincer, of course. Well, maybe she would. But "V" wasn't about to get caught chatting up one of the dancers when Cyra was lurking around with her developing blaster skills and noted redhead temper! Hey, haven't I seen you be- BLAM!!!

But it was easy for me to remember her. Not only was her name familiar, but we had the picture to remind us of our first trek out into the big galaxy for fame, glory, and a haircut:

Vincer's very own personal hair stylist! Nothing else would have been appropriate. In the eight-plus years of SWG, Vincer only had his hair touched twice, and both by the same stylist, despite there being a few months between each session.

And for the record, Vincer opted for the pony-tail. The look suited him.

Cyra would get many opportunities to practice her blaster skills, with plenty of moving female targets!

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