Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sealed Fate

While the squad was working towards earning enough credits to purchase an official base of operations, they explored the landmarks of Tatooine.

One such location was never meant to be a point of interest at all. It was the house of a simple farmer and his wife; a place known as the Lars Homestead.

By now, the galaxy had learned about the destruction of the Imperial Death Star; the first significant strike against the powerful Empire. It was said that event bolstered the Rebellion and ultimately led to the overthrow of tyranny.

The squad felt a sense of respect and sorrow as they took in the sights.

The flat desert extended in all directions, making the sound of silence on this sacred ground even more haunting. The Empire had visited upon this site, and left only death behind. Gravemarkers stood just a short distance away.

The twin suns began to set to the west, a reminder that all things must end but would do so with the promise of a new tomorrow if heroes could just stay the path.

When the Lars Homestead was razed to the ground, a new hero was born; one that would inspire others to join together and end evil's reign.

I say it was not the destruction of Death Star that spelled doom for the Empire. Their fate was sealed on the day this humble homestead and its loving family were destroyed.

New heroes were born this day as well.

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