Saturday, August 6, 2011

His Own Worst Enemy

V-Squad had a home, a command structure, evolving tactics and a diverse array of skills that were greater in aggregate then when considered individually.

When not personalizing our headquarters, or shooting the poodoo at our round table, we were running missions out of cities such as Nym's Outpost, Dearic, or the Pirate Outpost on Dantooine.

And occasionally, we'd find something entirely new, such as the Selonian Caves.

A lot of us had new gear, power-ups crafted by Cyra, or bacta provided by Mileena. Phantom had a new weapon he was eager to try out.

We were starting to experiment with food and drink to get the most out of our abilities. Vincer drank something called Ruby Bliel. It enhanced his leadership abilities, but "V" never admitted it was a non-alcoholic kiddie treat. Fortunately it wasn't served in a Sippee cup.

There was also spice, but we all knew it was bad for you. What we didn't know was that weapon repair kits could be even worse!

So there we were, getting ready to by scarfing up our food, drinking manly Ruby Bliel, and double checking our power-ups and weapons.

Phantom applied a repair kit to his new weapon. It had slight wear from the journey. Being the structured military man, he was ensuring everything was in top condition.

That turned out to be the worst possible decision at the worst possible time.

It was Nikki who had to tell us, likely due to the desk-pounding and hair-pulling from Phantom's side of their shared house. The repair kit broke the brand new weapon, rendering it a useless trinket forever.

Important safety tip: only buy the top notch weapon repair kits, and pray when you use it. Phantom taught us through example at great personal cost.

But a "structured military man" would still be ready. He tucked away the rifle, probably still steamed, and grabbed a pistol. V-Squad was ready to roll out... or in as this case would be.

Into the caves we went, not really sure what to expect, what we were after, or why we wanted to fight Selonians anyway. But worrying about these details are for squads without leaders all sugared up on Ruby Bliel.

In truth, I don't know what we found. From this picture, it appears we located a makeshift throne.

But the rest is a blur in my memory. This night wasn't about killing Selonians or blowing up our own weapons more effectively then the enemy. It was about having yet one more adventure together, whether running missions out of those cities, or throwing ourselves blindly into the next cave around the bend, V-Squad continued to enjoy what Star Wars Galaxies provided.

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