Friday, August 5, 2011

Round About Way

Though V-Squad was named after Vincer - (he would say it stood for "Victory"), everyone had an equal say.

To underscore this point, it was suggested by Nikki that we have our own named chair placed about a round table.

Our architect neighbor Kaptori was enlisted for the task. She crafted the table and five chairs named: Vincer, Cyra, Mileena, Nikki and Phantom. They were placed around the table and set in the main room of the Corellian guild hall.

It was from here that the V-Squad meetings would be held. All of us would talk about what we wanted to accomplish, and what we would need to do so. The idea was to ensure we were working together.

We got a good laugh from Phantom during one of these session, as he taught us a phrase from his days in the military: "Happy to be here, sir." We'd quote that for many years to come, even after we'd left SWG. For some reason, it just stuck in our minds.

These meetings were meant to be all business, they'd usually turn into all fun. We were the perfect mix of happy-go-lucky, and razor sharp combat tactics. V-Squad took it's fun seriously.

We didn't realize that we were on the cusp of nearly doubling our squad in just a matter of days. What would be remarkable about that is all of the new members would cover areas we had not been focusing on.

Well, except for maybe some overlap with Cyra. In my own defense, she couldn't make up her mind what she wanted to be.

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