Sunday, August 21, 2011

Always in the Last Place You Lok

A death mark's not an easy thing to live with. Both brilliant and obvious at once, it was a way of saying, head to higher ground or suffer the consequences.

So where does one go when one finds a death mark put upon them? V-Squad answered that question while exploring Nym's Stronghold on the planet Lok.

Lok contained only one very simple Starport and no other means of accelerated travel once you were planetside. Adventurers who had designs on hunting kimogila or thinning out the pirate gangs would set down on Lok to register their clone data, ease their battle fatigue at the cantina, or find the modest medical center within the gates of the stronghold proper.

The Stronghold, for being so remote and unique in the planet, managed to provide all of the necessities for both launching hunts and for receiving the battle-worn survivors at hunt's end. And for that, Nym and his stronghold were beloved by any adventure-seeking folk of the galaxy.

The Stronghold also was the perfect getaway for those denizens of the galaxy who needed to have a... well... perfect getaway.

Tucked away in the back of the Stronghold cantina, V-Squad stumbled upon some old friends: Han Solo and Chewbacca. Both had death marks placed on their heads by the crimelord Jabba the Hutt, and sought refuge under the powerful Nym and his security forces.

Han was a bit shorter then his infamy told. Even Nikki loomed over him. But Han maintained his charm and called us all "kid" at one point or another. Somehow that didn't bother any of us. We had accomplished much as a squad, but nothing when compared to what these two had done.

We lined up for pictures, exchanged a few pleasantries and were delighted to find that though Han and Chewie were in a remote location for the safety of their hides, they were still very much involved in the Alliance to Restore the Republic.

The roguish smuggler gave us missions to carry out, and introduced us to another friend of his, the Nien Numb. The Sullustan was not well known in either the Alliance or the Empire, and probably ran missions and messages for Han and Chewie so they could keep tabs on the war.

There was no sign of the Millennium Falcon anywhere in or around the Stronghold. Perhaps that was becoming too recognizable to be sitting out in the open. But who knows for sure?

Lok was a place to tuck away into safety under the protection of the mighty pirate Nym. Rumors abound that even Princess Leia had a secret base of operations out in the desert.

When the Empire ultimately crumbles, Nym should be remembered as a contributor and hero for his part. Maybe V-Squad would also be remembered for theirs.

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