Monday, August 15, 2011

Look Sir, Droid Engineers!

V-Squad was now a half-dozen strong. Since this is going to be a short memory today, I'll eat up some space with a roster rundown and do my best to try to figure out what profession Cyra was this week.

So let's see. We had:
  • Vincer, the Squad Leading Creature Handler
  • Killdoran, the Ranger/Trap Master
  • Phantom, the Commando/Engineer
  • Mileena, the Gunslinging Doctor
  • Cyra, the Smuggler/Artisan
  • Nikki, the Brawler/Dancer
That covered a broad range of skills, but we were still quite light on the crafting side of things. Cyra could assemble a mean array of power ups, and Mileena's pet bacta kits were very useful; but the guild still relied heavily upon outside sources for most of the basics.

That would change soon enough.

One of us - it wasn't me - had made a custom order to a wandering droid engineer named Brikabrack. The Bothan didn't have a store, so he made custom droid deliveries right to his customers. During one of our group campings in the middle of Corellia, Brikabrack made his delivery to - well... whoever it was.

Let's just say it was Mileena. Boy, could that girl spend credits like a master. Cyra became her padawan purchaser, I must inform you.

The squad and Brikabrack exchanged pleasantries after the transaction, introducing him to our pets and us to his, a small worrt whose name I can't recall. Brik came along for the hunt; he seemed nice enough.

It must have been a day or two later when he expressed interest in joining our guild. Much as we weren't directly recruiting when Killdoran joined, we suddenly came upon another very good candidate without much effort.

Vincer decided that it was high time to start paying attention to how we go about the business of recruiting and expanding. Brikabrack was invited to the guild hall for a small interview process. It was more a formality then anything. Brik was good people with a fast sense of humor. He was added to the squad right then and there.

Brikabrack was a "west coaster" to our "east coaster" schedule. That limited our time together. Brik didn't stay with SWG for very long, but his single recruitment turned out to be a three-for-one deal.

Brik had a pair of real-life friends - a husband and wife couple -that he'd soon introduce to the squad. The guild leapt from just five to nine in a very short time. And we got the crafters we were hoping for without pressing people into service.

Our goals for the squad were becoming more ambitious with each passing day as we recognized the potential we had with the personalities and skills; both in-game and in-real-life.

This wasn't the adventure Cyra and Vincer expected when they logged in together back in beta. We were happy to see how it was playing out, and eager to see where it would lead.

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