Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Crafting Memories

The addition of the droid engineer Brikabrack to V-Squad was all Cyra needed to give up the ghost of taking on that same profession. I'm sure it was a well-planned decision on where to turn her attention next, but I imagine she threw a dart at a bunch of post-it notes and selected the profession written on the one that she hit.

You'll forgive me if I just go ahead and say she moved on to Bio-Engineer next. Let's just agree to that and call it a timeline of events.

Brikabrack settled in and began to recruit for the squad, convincing two of his real-life friends to get involved and meet with Vincer about signing on.

With no deliberation needed, the Wookiee weaponsmith Prion, and his human wife Serendipity the architect joined V-Squad. I recall stumbling upon Prion by chance just outside Coronet. We were set to meet sometime later, but hit it off then and there. Serendipity came along just an hour or so later.

They were quick to get their operations up and running and added vendors into the Guild Hall. They turned a tidy profit with not but a peep, often dropping a portion of their proceeds into the guild bank. Prion kept Vincer in stock of his beloved FWG5 pistols. The big Wook's weapons could stack up against any others in the galaxy.

Serendipity was the more adventuresome of the two. She was an architect by trade, but had combat abilities. Ser would sometimes accompany us on hunts, notably one time on a return to the Rebel Base on Corellia, and another into the wilds of Dantooine. She was as quiet as she was small, or as Prion was tall.

The time zone differential worked against us - the three newest members were all in California. Since their main focus was on their crafting, we didn't get to see them very often. She was the happy recipient of a massive gnort I had tamed. It was named Grinkle and she'd run around everywhere with it, from shop to storehouse.

As this trip down Memory Lane continues, I find an interesting trend early on. V-Squad was an active guild; every night going here, doing that, blasting those... many cool places, and exciting achievements, experience...

But the planetary marches and delvings into caves were merely a backdrop for the real memories: the people who we joined up with. They were what turned a mundane night of playing a video game into something I can write about in remarkable detail eight years later.

That is not something to be disregarded easily.

Star Wars Galaxies may not have captured "Star Wars". It may not have really grasped much at all save for one thing: it built a virtual world where people of similar interests could find each other and use what was available to them to build memories that would last years, if not a lifetime.

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