Sunday, August 14, 2011

Camp Believe It's Real!

Setting up camp during pauses in our daily adventures was more then just a safe haven for a "bio break". It was a time to craft traps, practice image designing, grind mouse droids, or plot out the next leg of the journey.

Vincer's camps were functional, but had limited seating for our growing group. While that's not usually a problem, you may recall that those seated on the ground would sometimes be affected by a graphical bug that caused them to slide away on their rear end and come to a stop several meters outside of the camp.

When Killdoran joined our merry band, the simple act of camping was taken to an entirely new level. A ranger by trade, Killdoran could build camps that were landmarks unto themselves. They were resource intensive, but contained crafting stations, larger tents, a full tarp (to keep us dry during those ridiculous Dantooine downpours)... and enough seats that we could all use without Butt Sliding into the jaws of a nearby razor cat.

Unfortunately, I have no full-view pictures of one of these facilities. You could have noticed one from quite a distance back. As there were very few structures clogging the landscape in these days, you might notice something in the near distance that wasn't there before. Closing in, you'd come to find an enormous temporary base; and maybe it would be Killdoran and his V-Squad mates inside.

And their pets of course. Everyone in the squad had one. Like I said, Killdoran fit right in with our group, along with his buddy Pookie.

Vincer was happy to relinquish the role of "Camp Setter Upper" to Killdoran. Rangers had all of the fun toys: the camps, the traps, the camouflage, the tracking. And all the seating one could ask for.

That is until we added even more members to our guild.

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