Sunday, July 31, 2011

Silly Durni, Tricks Are for Kids!

Every pet had two tricks that it could perform. A Creature Handler who learned the proper commands could coax their furry (or scaley or leathery) friend to put on a show that was sure to get a rise out of passers-by.

Unlike the beasts who were born of test tubes in the final version of SWG, the pets under the Creature Handler rules responded to words detected in the spatial channel.

For example, while Cyra was fixated upon a strange visitor in northern Coronet, Vincer was all ready racing on to the next adventure. It wasn't a simple button click or macro that would urge Amber to join him, but literally the text "Amber, come on girl". Upon hearing those words in spatial, Amber would stop what she was doing and race to her handler.

So the commands could be quite varied and tailored to the personality one might want to apply to their pet and also to the relationship between the handler and their companion.

Amber could either balance herself on her front paws as seen here just after Vincer learned this particular ability from the Creature Handler trainer in the background...

Or she could hop up and down on her hind legs, shown below in the same location but on another day...

More then just showing off, this cured the pets Mind score and prepared them for more action. But as you know by now, little Scruffy would not see any combat. Rather, Scruffy was a lady's durni, more likely to win the hearts of lovely dancers then any battles.

One did not give Scruffy a command, but gave him the spotlight that he may command our respect. None could resist his charm, those flapping ears, or those soft feet. "Scruffy, command respect" would be his cue.

And he took it from there.

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