Thursday, August 25, 2011

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

The party was in full swing by now. Ice was either broken or covered with Icon Ogel's special concoctions to help along the socializing. Killdoran was keeping an eye on the pyrotechnics specialist, as well as the sky outside to ensure optimum conditions for a fireworks show.

On the main stage, the musical acts were both the Deevahs and the Academy of Dance and Music. The night was shaping up to be an entertaining success.

Mileena had taken up the job of security guard during the festivities, never wavering from her post. She kept a watchful eye on all of the guests from start to finish. You might guess that she sacrificed her own fun to do this task, but knowing Mileena this was exactly how she would have preferred to spend her evening.

Guests continued to file in as the night wore on. Without any notice, Mileena was suddenly away from her post and tapping on the shoulder of a new arrival; a twi'lek dressed in a dark robe and hood.

"We don't want any Imperial trouble."

Mileena's intel revealed that this newcomer was a member of the Empire.

"No trouble. I'm just here to relax and enjoy the party."

Or so the exchange went. Mileena issued a warning to the girl, then kept a wary eye on her for the remainder of the night. Though the twi'lek was an Imperial, she was more the property of the Empire rather then a willing supporter.

Whether it was Mileena's warning or not, the girl caused no trouble. She removed her robe and took to dancing with everyone else.

Thoughts of the war were far from everyone's minds. Tonight, everyone was a celebrant of life and happiness. It was proof that with the right mixture of music and drink, people of all walks of life and loyalty could get together and raise the roof.

Or maybe it was because Mileena was just downright scary in a dress and holding a flamethrower.

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