Friday, August 26, 2011

Things That Make You Go... BOOM!

The sun was setting over Corellia, but the V-Squad party was just warming up. Killdoran was keeping a close eye on the skies to know exactly when it was time to have the pyrotechnics.

"Everyone, let's go outside for the fireworks show!"

Killdoran had brought in a specialist to light up the Corellian skies. Most of us had never seen a fireworks show. We were looking forward to this. The best vantage point would be on top of the squad's hall, so we took the stairs to the roof.

Even the band members joined us; all eyes were focused on our fireworks specialist who was finding the right location down in the fields below.

Come to think of it, the Deevahs weren't with us. Hopefully our security expert Mileena was also keeping an eye on the kitchens. Our food stores were sparse enough without that hungry quartet hitting it up.

Finally, the show was ready to begin. The fireworks tech had his act together and setup a legion of rockets that must have made the moons nervous.

Yes, that's him in the middle of those sparking and smoking fireworks. He started launching them off to the "oohs" and "ahhs" of the spectators above.

It seems that the hired photographer was just as much in awe of the spectacle as he managed to only snag one picture of a firework erupting, and only the tail-end of it.

But we all remember the event to this day, I'm sure. All the credit goes to Killdoran for finding and hiring what must have been the best entertainers in the galaxy, from the musicians and dancers, to the bartender and pyrotechnics tech.

And if you can believe it, there was still even more to come: a Best Dressed Contest, a special surprise announcement from Vincer, and a finale on the stage that never happened before, and may never have happened since!


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