Saturday, August 13, 2011

Do as Vincer Says

You may recall a few entries back when I said we were close to doubling our squad size. Well, it's time to start filling in those memories as I continue to drive the ol'landspeeder down Memory Lane toward the twin setting suns over Star Wars Galaxies.

The city of Dearic on Talus was another favorite mission-running point for the squad. Though IceFalkon was no longer running with us, we still took her lasting lesson to heart: Remember to register your clone whenever you switch planets.

We were in the Cloning Facility doing just that when another adventurer passed through and started chatting us up. He went by the name of Killdoran Manterion, a zabrak with a pet hog named Pookie.

Killdoran asked if he could join us as we roamed Talus and completed missions. Mileena suddenly transformed into the squads Recruiting Officer and blindsided the fellow with rapid-fire questions and demands for commitments that fell just short of handing over his beloved Pookie.

"We do as Vincer says, can you do that?"


"He is the leader, and we don't just group up with anybody that happens to bow and smile."


"Do you solemnly swear to obey all orders to the letter and fall in line when required?"

"Uh, yep!"

That wasn't the exact exchange, but it was pretty darn close. Mileena ran this guy over the hot coals until he was practically in tears. Why he didn't just turn tail and march away, I'll never know.

I'm very glad he didn't.

Killdoran was invited to our group to run a few missions for the night. He was a novice ranger who focused on trapping and setting up the most beautiful and fully-functional encampments you could imagine.

He was able to track down creatures to hunt, but also to "freeze" them in place with numerous traps that he'd craft himself. Vincer incorporated this tactic into the squad's strategy. Killdoran was much like us: dedicated to performing well in whatever we were trying to do, but not at the expense of having as much fun as possible.

At the end of the night, just before we all had to go our separate ways into the real world, Killdoran paid us all a very nice compliment. The precise words are lost to time, but the message remained. Of our squad, he made mention of how "tight" we were; how effective without effort. That's when I realized how right he was, and how well he already fit in.

Around this time, we were officially setting up the guild. Killdoran was invited to join us with no objections. He had already passed Mileena's third degree, afterall.

The Squad began it's first expansion with the addition of Killdoran. We were six strong now and not done yet.

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