Saturday, July 9, 2011

Unofficial Rarely Playable Server

There were very few beta servers available. First was Bria, then Ahazi was added later. I think it was Corbantis or Chilastra as the third.

But we started to learn about the server names that would be available after launch. A few others that I had met were going to start on Flurry. They had designs on creating their own guild (a new concept for me) and wanted Cyra and I to join them. It sounded like a fine idea, but I felt a little hesitation. I wasn't quite sure what I was getting into with a player-run guild.

Our other frequent companion, Ooyna, was also making plans for launch. I recall sitting around much like we are doing in the picture below, discussing our immediate future as the days of beta winded down.

We'd frequently set up camp and just rattle off about anything we felt like talking about. We might talk about video games, Star Wars, Marvel Comic books, or just play "in character" as we passed the time.

One such conversation came on Corellia after getting pasted by some indigenous creature with more attitude then we had blaster bolts. Ooyna was talking about the Starsider server, which was going to be the "roleplay" server.

At the time, Cyra and I had high hopes for roleplaying. This was before we realized that "roleplay" meant partaking in heavily scripted, slow-walking, overly descriptive storylines that were acted out in the most populated, foot-trafficked location in the galaxy, often being tangled up with other such "roleplay" in the same area. Ugh.

But that knowledge came later. For now, we were all about "roleplay"; Cyra being a rough-and-tumble smuggler with an independent streak, and Vincer being a polished rogue with a weakness for the ladies. The Starsider server sounded perfect for us. Ooyna, for her part, was a stone-faced warrior with designs on becoming a Bounty Hunter to track down Jedi in hiding.

Cyra and I distanced ourselves from our "Flurry" friends, and decided to stay with Ooyna and join the Starsider server.

After the launch, it was both the best and worst decision we ever made.

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