Sunday, July 10, 2011

You Can't Take it With You

The final night of beta was very much like the last day of school before summer break.

There's the old saying: you can't take it with you. This was true of our credits and belongings. No more cloner fees, repair kits, or shuttle tickets. Or house maintenance if you were lucky enough to remember where you dropped your deed.

Ooyna was the first to pull the trigger, so to speak. She finally landed  that E-11 she'd been dreaming about for weeks. Cyra, of course, gravitated towards adding to her wardrobe.

We ran into a friendly trader who also knew that the concepts of price markups, restocking fees and overstock were extinct as the server grinded towards it's final beta moments. She offered to make us whatever we wanted to wear, free of charge.

Here's the crew pictured above with Saone. Cyra got a Han Solo-inspired duster, Ooyna went the "minimalist" route. Vincer knew enough to let the ladies take advantage of the tailor before getting in an order of his own.

As I recall, Vincer was after a pair of fingerless gloves. It was part of his classic ensemble from the offline game. Unfortunately, he didn't get them this day; either Saone didn't have the recipe or the raw materials. Ah well.

I never knew what happened to Saone. She made the final hours quite enjoyable for our merry band. We may have been just hours from the plug being pulled, but we were going to go down in style. Image is everything!

There was just one more thing left to do: go out and shoot at things in our flashy new threads and our tricked out weaponry. A collective "ruh roh!" from the Meatlumps was heard. Those 'lumps weren't so much the pushovers back then. They'd clog most of the major city exit points and jump on whoever they saw.

But we had a new camo duster, some sort of outfit that was made out of ribbons and a new E-11 to call our own this time. Nothing could stop us now.

Well, except for the end of beta.

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