Friday, July 8, 2011

Memory Booster

As if 159 days of remaining memories might not be enough, I wanted to capture two more beta memories that I meant to include recently.

I remember a very weird bug with clothing. It would not resize properly on a given client machine, and sometimes disappear outright. Body parts, such as shoulders or arms, would stick through the outfits. It made tailoring very awkward, but fortunately it would only be from the perspective of the original owner prior to the trade. (So if I gave a shirt to someone, it would be fine for them, but retain it's dimensions as if it were still on me.) Boots would just give up and go "poof". That bug was eventually resolved during beta.

There was also the time they gave all the testers a free small house deed to test out the system. This was exciting since no player had an architect yet (or could manage to put together all of the required components). Back then, it would take a few days after placing the deed for the house to be built. You'd receive an e-mail when it was ready.

So I picked out a spot outside Mos Espa, plunked down the deed, and then went about salivating for three days while I waited for my completion message. I went about my business of getting battle fatigued for entertainers, running the medical center or just bouncing around the galaxy trying to figure out what was going on.

Then the message came! My house was done! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. So I hopped on my... well... feet (there weren't speeders) and ran to where I remembered putting my house.

You see, there weren't any waypoints or at least anyway I knew about besides the ones given from missions. But I remembered where I put the house. So off I went. I didn't even know what to do with a house, but I had one, didn't I? That was cool, in and of itself.

I had picked out a really good location. Because it's where everybody, everybody's mother, and all the other carbon-based beta testers placed their deeds. It was a sea of small Tatooine houses in discombobulated columns and rows. It was mind numbing.

Like I said, I knew where I put my house: outside Mos Espa. But I didn't say I knew PRECISELY where I put my house outside Mos Espa.

I ran from house to house, avoiding the lizards and angry moisture farmers and evil settlers, until I eventually found every single house that wasn't mine.

I have to think I wasn't the only one who lost their own house. At least I hope I wasn't the only one.

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