Monday, July 25, 2011

Third Time's the Charm

Previously on "High School: The Drama", Shakkara and IceFalkon had a falling out that put Vincer directly in the line of fire as a convenient fall guy. Meanwhile, Nikki and Phantom really couldn't care less and let all the events unfold without being affected.

The details of it all are still a mystery; and frankly I really didn't want to know. I was there for some Star Wars Galaxies entertainment, not a game of "She said, SHE said, and then HE said." I guess that's why Charlie never expanded his team beyond three angels.

Shakkara's plan continued as we helped her delete her toon and create a new one: Auera Seena. The concept of the plan was to make IceFalkon think that Shakkara had left the game, or something. I guess. I mean, your guess is probably as good as mine, even now.

Now instead of having Vincer, Cyra and Shakkara running around together, it was Vincer, Cyra and Auera running around together.

Yeah, it was pretty obvious. To everyone. Even IceFalkon, I suppose. Pictured above, you'll see Auera. There's a few more snaps with her in future installments, but she wasn't around that long.

With far less drama, but no less mystery, Auera Seena was deleted. Another toon re-roll gave birth to Mileena.

At this point, the rest of us were just taking it all in stride and waiting for things to settle. Mileena was always a tumultuous member of the squad, a short-tempered person from her real-life stories, but she seemed to have good intentions. Eight years later, I'm struggling to properly describe the confusion and, to be blunt, the immaturity.

We all put the drama behind us. I'm not sure Phantom ever really understood what the heck was going on. I'm positive I didn't have a handle on it all. We never saw much of IceFalkon after it all settled.

 Maybe she moved on to another server or game. That would happen a lot in the months ahead as Star Wars Galaxies evolved. But not for our squad. The core five squad members were now officially set: Vincer, Cyra, Mileena, Nikki and Phantom.

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