Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ice, Ice, Big Baby

Now before it gets completely confusing (for those following along, and me, too) let me do a brief roll-call on who is who. Because it's going to be a whirlwind for a little while where one player is concerned. If you think changing colors from red to blue was hard to keep up with, just you wait!

So we had Vincer Kaden (a scout working towards Squad Leader), Cyra Sedaris (a smuggler with droid engineer dreams), Nikki Tikki'Tavi (an entertaining brawler), Phantom (the walking arsenal), and Shakkara (the blue, formerly red, bounty hunter in training and doctor).

Here's Shakkara when she was still red, posing with Nikki on the night we met the little dancer. Shakkara had already started contemplating where to find an Image Designer for a recoloring when we joked that they had looked like sisters. She had been so proud of picking a color that she thought no one else had! We took great delight at playfully teasing her. She hated it.

Shakkara introduced us to a few others she met in game, among them was IceFalkon, a dancer and creature handler. As I recall, Ice was a nice and helpful player. She had lived on the bay in northern Naboo, and reminded us all to update our clone data whenever we switched planets. (She said she had a post-it note attached to her monitor. I believed her; she never forgot.)

Here's Ice taking care of our battle fatigue in someone random house that we found to be unlocked.

The nightly adventures continued, from Corellia to Naboo, Tatooine, you name it. Sometimes a few of Ice's friends would come along. It was almost unmanageable, but we found fun and success anyway.

Our group wasn't growing by another member, however. Maybe that's what would have happened, but you see... Shakkara certainly had a way with people.

To this day, it is still somewhat of a mystery. But what is known is that Ice and Shakkara had a rift. Shakkara hashed some two-part plan that would set things back to just the five of us again. I suppose she was afraid she was replaceable. Trust me when I say (in the nicest way possible) that we came to learn that "Shakkara's Feelings Management" was a full-time job that none of us wanted.

Anyway, for Part One of her plan, Shakkara told Ice that I was angry at her and didn't want her to come around any more. On the flip side, she spun some yarn to us that made us not really want Ice anyway. I can't remember the details, but they're probably not important.

For Part Two of her plan, she was going to pack up all her belongings, trade everything over to us, then delete her toon and roll anew.

I know, I know: Sounds crazy, right?! See what I mean when I say: we didn't want this job? Shakkara meant to simply disappear from whatever problem she had rather then face it directly. It wouldn't be the last time she did that, either.

Ice took it upon herself to contact me to see if I was mad at her. Honestly, I wasn't, and I told her so. She learned the truth and the air was cleared between us. Shakkara disappeared and returned as the Zabrak Auera Seena.

Shakkara got her way, even though Part One of her plan didn't really work out.

In fact, Part Two didn't work out either. Which led to a Part Three. Which will talk about in Part Two of this thread.

Told you it was going to be confusing.


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