Friday, July 15, 2011

Now That's Entertainment!

Now that our quest for good hair had led our merry band to Coronet, we had little choice but to run missions in and out of the city in order to restock our depleted purses.

We quickly learned the difference between the Corellian butterflies that were merely pushovers and those that would turn us into a little pile of bones. We were schooled in the nice kitties that stalked us in the high grasses. We learned to love those strange, eyeless durni. Meatlumps clogged the major exits, despite CorSec patrols. We experienced what we could, and we remembered.

Player owned buildings were already springing up to the south of Coronet, prime real estate to be certain. And we entertained ourselves by slipping out of character to quote movies like Ghostbusters.

It's not the first time I used other movie quotes inside SWG. In fact, you might remember my Indiana Jones reference several posts ago. Remember that? Good. Because it is very relevant to the current story.

So there we were, Cyra, Shakkara, and Vincer talking about the Stay Puf't Marshmallow Man, strolling past the Coronet Cantina. Out of the blue - or yellow tell text, I suppose - I get a message from "Nikki", someone who claims to know me from beta. Eh?

"She" overheard me talking in the spatial channel while she was in dancing in the cantina. As it turns out, this was my old beta friend from that stress test (several posts ago).

My old friend had rolled a "dude at the wheel" red-skinned twi'lek; a dancer with aspirations of becoming a smuggler, a brawler, a jedi and just about anything else one might be able to become. It was pure coincidence that we turned up together on Starsider.

Cyra snapped the picture above after reintroductions were made. I guess it took long enough for us all to get in a row if my comment is any indication.

If Shakkara looks miserable in the picture above, it has everything to do with the fact that she was no longer that rare red-skinned twi'lek she was after. She quickly remedied that with another trip to the image designer.

Though we didn't know it at the time, our merry band of three had unofficially grown to be a fun-loving foursome, and it wouldn't stop there. Vincer was finally building up a squad worthy of leading.

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