Saturday, July 16, 2011

Corelia. They're On Corellia

The thought of looking up waypoints or walkthroughs on the internet for an MMO was not yet a knee-jerk reaction for any of us. Now, couple that with the fact that these were the days before our characters datapads came pre-installed with "Points of Interest" and the galaxy was perceived to be huge and mysterious.

So when Nikki said she heard rumor of a Rebel Base on Corellia, we were all quite interested. She - and for the rest of this blog's existence I'll be toggling back and forth calling Nikki a "he" or a "she". Just get used to it now! Anyway NIKKI shared with us the coordinates for a Rebel Base on Corelia.

We made plans to go.

The four of us - Shakkara now a deep blue color - grouped up with another; a Mon Cal as I recall, but whose name escapes me. I'd probably use it as a curse now if I knew it. That's an entirely different tale.

We shuttled as close as we could - Kor Vella, was it? - and then set out on foot. The distance yet to travel seemed astronomical. We travelled single-file, on "follow" with the one ahead of us. Vincer took the point.

The land rose up into green mountains, which then turned into snow capped peaks that crunched under our feet. These mountains were filled with dangers, both wild and wilder still. A group of brigands called the Flails called these mountains their home, and small units of Imperials would patrol about but leave us alone.

The Flails weren't so stand-offish.
We knew that one wrong step, one bad choice - could lead to a fast trip to square one, all aboard on the Cloner Express! We didn't come all this way just to fail, and if anyone died, we would obey the "never leave a soldier behind" rule.

It boiled down to: we either get there as an entire unit, or we would be forced to bail out and try again some other time.

And all of this was predicated on the belief that the Rebel Base was exactly where Nikki believed it to be based on her second-hand telling.


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