Thursday, July 14, 2011

Image is Everything

Image is everything. It's one of Vincer's frequent quotes. He's a man who loves his clothes, and his hair even more. You could say he's a tad bit vain, and you'd be wrong because he is VERY vain.

So you can imagine just how it all went down after the game went live; Vincer and Cyra running around with starter toon hair, not to mention the clothes. We had elected to start on Tatooine, which was full of action, but also devoid of any hairdressers that could give us the do's we positively needed.

Lucky Shakkara only had to deal with her head tails. I guess Twi'leks stress over having just the right markings, but our hardcore bounty hunter-in training wore none of those trappings. She was an original to say the least; even proud of her red skin which she claimed was very uncommon amongst the Twi's on Starsider.

Convinced that no hairdressers existed on Tatooine that suited our needs, we saved up enough scratch to make the jump to Corellia. You see, Corellia was the center of the galaxy (at least here in SWG), and travel between many worlds had to go through there. As a result, Corellia became very populated. And since Coronet was the default starport selected when transporting there, it was the center of all the action on the most populated world.

It didn't take long at all for us to find a hairdresser. We located Aeryss in the Coronet Cantina; a jam-packed club full of dancing and socializing.

I guess Aeryss grinded quick feverishly to gain skill in doing the do's. She was so dedicated that she apparently had no time to fully dress for a night on the town. But she had the shear talent we needed, and we had just enough credits to tip her for her troubles.

Now, if only we had the right clothes to go with our hair. While we worried about putting together the right outfit to complement our new hair, Shakkara would busy herself with buying weapons and eventually a probe droid.

I was able to remember Aeryss because of the picture snapped above. In a very strange twist of fate, she'd wind up doing another hairstyle on Vincer several months later. Small world, even if it turned out to be on Lok the next time.

But that was hardly the most interesting twist of fate that SWG was going to send Vincer's way. That would come next.

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