Sunday, July 17, 2011

That's It, The Rebels Are There!

When we last left our heroes - the fun-loving foursome, heavy one Mon Cal - they were winding their way through the snowy mountains of North-Western Corellia, battling through deadly predators and vicious Flails, while avoiding Imperial Patrols at the same time. This was no leisurely evening stroll, but a mission to the unknown; designed upon the tell of a passing rumor.

Travel on foot was the only option. We shared good chatter along the way, tasking only one at a time for the navigation, while the others formed a chain, following the one ahead of them. We would march single-file to destination or doom, as destiny would dictate.

And if all of this sounds overly-dramatic, it's only because my memory of it has colored it so. If one might guess that this journey did not end in disaster, one would be correct; else why would I have been taking a stab at so much melodrama?

So let's just get to it, shall we?

Fittingly, the waypoint was fixed just over a peak, forcing us to wait until the last possible moment to see if this had all been for naught. Filing to the edge, we looked down with wonder: we had arrived at the secret Rebel Base.

The idea of an orderly march was thrown out the window. We raced down the cliff and charged around like kids in a candy store, weekly allowances gripped in our fists.

Our journey was complete. But we were about to learn that the base itself was not the only reward.

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Carol said...

Overly-dramatic?! Never!

I don't think it's just a matter of your own memory coloring the experience. I'm betting any member of your group would remember the tale much the same. Thank you for sharing your adventures with all the enthusiasm with which you first experienced it. So much fun to read! :)