Tuesday, April 7, 2009

SWG Thought of the Day: Real World SWG Economy

It's been suggested that the economy is completely broken in SWG, but I would ask in return: "By what standard is it failing to live up to?"

Certainly by real world standards the economy is a complete failure. If only the real world worked like SWG. Imagine if you will...

An employee has received his walking papers due to downsizing of his company. What is he to do? The real question is... "What would his toon do?"

So he marches over to the Accounting department and picks up a stack of outgoing mail. "I'm going to deliver this for you."

Looking up from her computer screen, the Accounts Payable manager nods. "Sure. I'll pay you 2,000 dollars to do so. If you return, we'll have more."

"Sounds good. Which direction?"

"Three cubicles to the east. Here, why not take another stack of papers to the fourth door down. I will pay you 1,800 dollars for that."

The employee nods and smiles, grabbing up the stacks of mail. "Two deliveries to the east! And I didn't even have to refresh."


"Nothing. I'll be back."

The manager goes back to her computer screen. "There will be more stacks of mail when you return. And of course, you will be paid."

Upon arriving at the the destination, he finds the receptionist handing a stack of money to the lanky DBA that was laid off yesterday. The receptionist takes off her headset. "It appears you are working for someone else. Would you rather work for me?"

The DBA fans his money. "Dude... 3,000 dollars. Repeatable quest. Wanna group up?"

SWG's economy is working as intended; like it... or not.

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