Saturday, April 4, 2009

Classic SWG: Trainers

Pictured above is the First Aid Trainer who was stationed in the Laurus, Corellia City Hall. In fact, there were numerous trainers that could be found in the grand hall located at the center of the rank 4 city, including all of the starter professions.

For those who may not be familiar with the concept, Trainers were NPCs that could train characters in a skill that they qualified for. They were not cheap, but were an alternative to finding another player whose toon had the desired skill.

Trainers could be found all over the galaxy in static places, but politicians could learn the ability to place trainers in their cities.

During the first (and ultimately only) Laurus Training Days - a city-sponsored event that helped beginner toons gain experience through the help of veteran toons - all of the trainers were brought outside into the main courtyard along with a few new trainers.

Trainers offered a level of complexity and choice to the game, a system abandoned for the insta-level-up system that is in place now. Instant gratification for an instant-gratification target audience.

On a related note, in a future "Classic SWG" I will post some images from the Laurus Training Days, including the citizens and squad members assembling in the cantina for buffs prior to heading out on their adventures.

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