Saturday, April 11, 2009

SWG 101: Navigating the World Map

Did you ever have a need to travel to a different planet, but were unsure which starport you should dock with in order to be close to your final destination? For this edition of SWG 101, we will discuss how the world maps are designed and how you might best estimate what region of the world your destination lies.

Consider the following map; a region of Kashyyyk.

Now, imagine that the map is divided into four even parts in a 2x2 grid. This establishes the center point of the map. We'll call the vertical line the "Prime Meridian" and the horizontal line the "Equator".

At this intersection, the map coordinates are 0,0. This means if you entered in "/way 0, 0" you would create a waypoint at the center of the map that you are currently on.

When creating a waypoint, the first value is the x coordinate, which establishes the left-to-right location of the waypoint. The second value is the y coordinate, which establishes the up-to-down location of the waypoint.

  • Anything left of the Prime Meridian is considered a negative value for the x coordinate.
  • Anything below the Equator is considered a negative value for the y coordinate.
Thus, any waypoint that is both below the Equator and left of the Prime Merdian would have coordinates that are both negative. For example: /way -200, -500.

Conversely, if the waypoint is right of the Prime Meridian and above the Equator, the coordinates will both be positive.

The positive and negative numbers may also be mixed. For instance, you may know that Theed is located in the upper left region of Naboo's world map. That means that Theed has a negative x coordinate (left of the Prime Merdian) and a positive y coordinate (above the Equator).

Another city on Naboo is Moenia. The coordinates for the starport are 4708, -4693. From those coordinates, can you determine which part of the world Moenia is located?

Good luck and be sure to impress your groupmates by knowing exactly where to land every time!

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