Saturday, April 18, 2009

SWG Thought of the Day: Time Sinks Aren't Challenging

We subscribe to SWG not only for the entertainment, but also the challenge. I've found that the crafting and merchant system, when coupled together, presents a unique challenge that I cannot find in any other game of its kind. The task of creating a product line and finding a way to turn a profit is complex and rewarding. If only there was a way to translate this feeling into other areas of the game.

Anything that is a time sink will simply force players to find AFK ways to achieve the ends. While I personally have only used AFK harvesting, one might suggest that this is even too much. If I were told that I could solve a series of mental challenges over the course of, say, an hour (all of which are somewhat immersive and relavent to the concept of harvesting resources), instead of parking my toon down on a high yield and triggering a macro, then I would leap at the chance.

The same should hold true for the acquisition of junk and collection items. Why should it be a long, tedious, boring and... AFK... session to acquire a stack of software modules? Better that I visit, for instance, a medical center and speak with one of the technicians on duty. They offer to sell me a few, or send me on an errand or two. "I've a few extra modules, sure. But say... you look like a capable fighter. Mind helping me out with some trouble I'm in with Borvo?"

And wouldn't it just make sense to visit Tosche Station to pick up some power converters?

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