Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sarlacc Snacks: Feeding Schedule

For being such a little fellow, he sure can eat. At least it's only once a week.

It seems that his digestive pattern has finally normalized. Almost down to the minute, he completes his meal from the previous week and starts looking for the next hand-out. He (and again, I am only guessing at the gender; and even if someone told me how to check its sex, I'm going to go ahead and pass on that, okay) has now consumed his third meal and shows no signs of slowing down.

This time around, he's been given an old, expired travel ticket that I had stuffed in my backpack. The travel information had faded, so it's of no use to me. But to the non-discerning sarlacc baby, expired travel tickets are the stuff that desserts are made of!

So to review, the little fellow has eaten a Tool Kit, a Comlink, and now an Expired Travel Ticket. He's far less demanding then Scruffy, Amber or any of the other pets that I've called my own.

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