Monday, March 16, 2009

SWG Idea: Establishing Imperial Rule: Part III: Non-Human Imperials: Still Possible?

In Part I, we began organizing the Imperial rule at the player city level. This was to allow players an active role in how the Galactic Civil War progresses in a meaningful way; a different experience depending upon the server played upon.

In Part II, we established some very basic rules suggestions that simulated the Imperial artificial intelligence system; a way of blacklisting items and activities that are tallied via a red flag system. In short, it offered a way for the Imperials to establish rules and to police those who must abide by them. We also used this system to lay the groundwork for a supply and demand system as it applies to a Civil War, as well as the allocation and movement of Imperial resources as they are needed.

Here in Part III, we seek to adhere to canon without severely and permanently changing character concepts. (The Wookiee Imperial, for instance). We will leverage the existing artificial intelligence from Part II, as well as continue to build towards the study where we address the punishment and imprisonment system.

Grand Admiral Thrawn? Admiral Daala? This study is for you!

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