Sunday, March 15, 2009

Poll Results: Do You Live In a Player City?

Once again we call for Artoo to help us understand the tremendous amounts of data that has poured in for the latest poll. Unfortunately once Artoo arrived, we had to tell him that we only have 15 participants. But who are we to complain? Any data is good data, as long as you have a dedicated astromech droid on hand to make sense of it all.

Given that player cities and structures are in the process of receiving updates, we thought it would be a good idea to see just how many people this development would affect.

According to the poll results, 94% of the playerbase would be affected by any changes made to the player city system; a system that sets SWG apart from nearly every other MMO worth remembering.

Of those participating in the poll, 26% are also the mayors of their city. The position of mayor is often a thankless post, but at least it is free to hold unlike the days in the past when every vote mattered, and skill points needed to be diverted from other ventures to succeed.

Even without notable game mechanic requirements to becoming a mayor, the most successful will shine and stand out from others. There is a drive and determination to build the most successful city; to use what little is available to create a unique experience in terms of a living space for others to enjoy.

Despite other areas of the game that need swift attention, it is evident that these updates will not simply fluff up releases without offering any substance.

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