Friday, March 13, 2009

SWG Idea: Establishing Imperial Rule: Part II: Imperial Planetary Control, Both Space and Ground

In Part I, we explored a game mechanic and system that revolved around Player City Fealty - a way for the Imperials to control the galaxy while giving players real choices with significant consequences. By influencing these cities, players will begin to feel the political ramifications of siding with or against the Empire, which, in turn, could lead to political disputes or even open conflict at the player city level. Depending upon the size of the cities and of the amount of "rebel activity", the Empire would devote resources towards holding power and punishing those who stand against them.

Again, we will refrain from exploring too deeply the Rebellion side of the war. First, we must put all the pieces in place for those who control the galaxy. Only then can we find ways for the upstart Alliance to stage a rebellion.

In Part II, we build upon the Player City Fealty system to understand how the Empire leverages the results of those cities and player decisions to maintain control in ways that are unique to each planet, and certainly all servers.

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