Saturday, February 14, 2009

Did You Notice: Unrest

Did you notice that the natives have become quite restless of late, at least those that frequent the forums on a regular basis? From cries for the nerf of the spy, the declaration that PvP is dead, that lag is forcing folks to cancel to the ridiculous design ideas brought to live in the form of flying Ewoks, there seems to be quite a bit on the plate of the perturbed.

So what is SOE to do? Grab a few of the top five issues and plug away at them? Ignore the dissenting voices since they are only a small portion of those actually playing? Or be concerned even more since it is the "quiet" ones that you must be wary of?

The best course of action may be to start generating goodwill across all forms of playstyle. Create two new PvP zones: one of which will be level-capped to give mid-level toons an opportunity to get involved in the action. Expand the Legacy quest to help toons reach Level 65. Revamp the AI so that Imperials are far less trusting, far more intrusive and far more organized. Higher ranking Rebels, especially those who are above Master Sergeant, shall have percentage chances of being recognized and exposed as a Combatant. New schematics for all crafters. Finish the Engineer expertise tree.

In other words, hit 'em all; every single one. Add new storyteller items for RP - and figure out how to drop some of them down indoors AND maybe in a few less populated NPC cities. New space quests - such as opening a new system up for Smugglers (Smugglers Moon?).

SOE can figure it out. We are not THAT difficult to please. It just comes down to a simple equation: When we ask for things like the GCW or Engineer fixes and we get overpowered Spies and winged Ewoks, then pitchforks and torches are distributed and blood is called for. That's the state of affairs: general unrest.

So... did you notice?

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