Wednesday, February 11, 2009

SWG Thought of the Day: Winged Ewoks

So the Festival of Love is here at last. I realize that the holiday events are quite popular amongst some players. I can respect and accept nearly any gameplay style that one might be able to conjure. But SWG has not only jumped the shark, but it's gone ahead and cleared the next beach over to.
It's not bad enough that Ewoks are considered cute and fun, despite being blatant cannibals in Episode VI if not for the timely divine intervention by our favorite protocol droid, but now they've been reduced to winged cherubs that float behind us and ensure that bocatts don't get all rowdy.

Poor. Poor. Very, very poor. All that's needed is equal development time on things that DO appear in movies, or the expanded universe, even. How about some Rebels escaping Hoth into space, or even finding safe locales on Hoth to hide until a rescue ship can come by. What about a criminal faction? How about combat vehicles? AT-ATs? TIE Fighter fly-bys? Honest to gosh mine fields. Imperial checkpoints where not even an influence over the weak-minded will save you.

Or lets tone it down a bit and go for some new dances; new songs. How about new schematics? Or adding deconstructible traits to existing gear. Finishing Engineer expertise? Mounts that can be colored? Reducing Jedi visibility by figuring ways to adhere to canon yet still allow people to play them?

If we're going to go all pink and fuzzy, let's hear it for the hoojibs! Let's hear it for anything canonical (or non-canonical IF it's fun) as long as it gets as much development time as these holiday events that, fun or not - take your pick, are starting to become the only real content added in the core game.

Poor. Very, very poor.

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