Monday, February 16, 2009

SWG Idea: Fixing the Fixer, Part I

The Engineers are the most imcomplete and lacking of all SWG professions. For the next few installments of SWG Idea, we will be tossing out a few features that might make the Engineer interesting, fun and functional once again. So here we go, in no particular order of priority or importance, the first idea for Engineers.

Field Repairs! Engineers should be called upon to fix droids, vehicles, bases and weapon emplacements thoughout the galaxy. While a garage may work in a pinch, nothing can top the Engineers ability to patch up a vehicle and make it hum along better then before - at least temporarily until it resumes normal working capabilities.

Engineers can also be asked to "overclock" gear; essentially making special (and sometimes illegal) modifications to gear to make it perform way beyond factory specifications. The boost in abilities will be temporary and the item will never be the same again once the boost wears off. But sometimes that little extra something may mean the difference between glorious victory and bitter defeat.

Keeping an Engineer along for the ride would be a wise move for any mobile unit, especially those who rely upon their gear rather then their tactics. However, even the most brute force and full-speed-ahead group would be wise to adhere to one strategic maneuver: keep the Engineer alive and well.

Your equipment will thank you for it later.

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