Wednesday, January 7, 2009

SWG Idea: Ewok Love Festival

We are only weeks away from the next holiday festival in Star Wars Galaxies. This one is a bit more ambiguous then the Life Day event that is winding down. But who doesn't like a holiday?

Here are a few ideas that would allow us to include this holiday and still stick to canon as much as possible.

  • The Festival should be held on Endor. Ewoks have no way of getting off their homeworld.
  • No Combatant or Special Forces should be allowed - we're going for peace and love here, people. Leave the armor and weapons out of it for this one. Dueling is prohibited within x meters of the Festival.
  • Ewok themed song and dance for entertainers. An Ewok instructor leads the performance. Certain flourishes are required. Success will unlock the dance and/or song.
  • A quest to unlock a vehicle schematic for Engineers - Ewok Glider. The Engineer must gather materials and craft certain Ewok-themed items in a certain time to get the schematic. If failed, the quest can be tried again. The glider works like a jetpack, but is not as quick of course. It's wind powered! Can't be used on Musty - it might catch fire.
  • Permanent-use storyteller tokens (because Ewoks love stories): A hut, makeshift throne, cooking fire and spit, trees, complete with houses and walkways, etc. (Tokens can only be used on Endor. To get the Storyteller tokens, the player must tell a story via dialogue to a group of Ewok youths. If the youths are entertained, a token is awarded.
  • Get Hitched! Every hour, Chief Chirpa oversees a union between players. Any who attend the event and use the Propose Union system will take part in the ceremony and receive a house decoration item that when examined has the name of the couple on it. One time quest only! Divorces aren't in the spirit of the Festival!
  • New Chef recipe: Ewok Candies (effect TBD). To get the recipe, convince the Ewok chefs not to cook some of the NPC guests over their firepits. A suitable replacement for the dinner must be found. Speaking with the Chief, you learn that he has a hunger for (random Endor creature). Acquire hide, milk, bone or meat from the animal - make any recipe with those parts and give it to the chefs to complete the quest.
  • Imperial scouting report. Complete any single Festival quest, then return back to an Imperial recruiter. Tell the recruiter that the Ewoks are harmless and receive a GCW point bonus.
  • Rebel scouting report. Complete any single Festival quest, then return back to a Rebel recruiter. Tell the recruiter that the Ewoks may proof beneficial someday and receive a GCW point bonus.
  • Complete x number of Ewok Festival quests and earn the title "Part of the Tribe". (Wonderful!)
The "scouting report" quests are in the spirit of Star Wars canon. Some non-movie media (I believe it was in the RPG books) stated that the Empire briefly studied the Ewoks and found them to be harmless; not a threat to Imperial rule. I thought it might be fun to allow players to take part in that "study".

Personally, my favorite is "Get Hitched!". Nothing says "love" in Star Wars Galaxies like a Union. With romance in the air, how fun would it be to have an iconic Star Wars persona oversee the ceremony?

Scratch that. My favorite would be the title "Part of the Tribe".

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