Friday, January 9, 2009

SWG Thought of the Day: +35 Power Bits

Inspiration finally struck me, so I decided to figure out how the whole +35 modifier system worked. I feel as thought I was misinformed when told that the only way to do this was to gather the required components via an AFK macro, and then charge millions of credits for the final product.

With some dedication and determination, I was able to consistently accomplish +35 modifier bits while being ATK.

The process was quite simple, really.
  1. Build a suit that consisted of Luck and Reverse Engineering.
  2. Using that suit, refine another suit until you've maxxed out the modifier numbers as much as possible - most of mine are in the 30's, along with +3 on RE
  3. Once the suit is complete, run off crates of Casual Shirts w/sockets
  4. Gather junk. This can be done over several sessions. An hour here, and hour there. To make life even easier, gather junk from higher level PvE opponents to get "Stat"-clothes with higher numbers.
  5. Get to RE-ing with the Casual Shirts and the looted junk.
Basically... that's it. Anyone who would tell you that it's some advanced and time-consuming system is lying. I am a very casual player; so for me to be able to accomplish this should speak volumes.

Don't get ripped off by those who justify their high prices by saying it's difficult. Don't be fooled by those who say it must be done with the aid of AFK loot macros.

It's all simply not true... since it's all so very simple.

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