Tuesday, January 6, 2009

SWG Thought of the Day: Food For Thought

Despite there being far too many buffs in the game, the one profession whose chief function is to provide buffs (entertainers, feel free to argue) is largely forgotten in the grand scheme of "buff to do stuff".

Would bringing back the food and drink filling meters be a boon to the Chef professions or would the complexity be far too hard for the target audience to grasp? (Afterall, Mommy and Daddy rations out their food and makes them finish their plate before leaving to play wiffle ball. On the Wii.)

Allowing such stacking - the mixing and the matching - on such consumables would allow customers to pick their own meals to suit their purposes, while chefs would be able to perfect their art by experimenting on quantity, nutrional value and/or filling.

Chew on that, why don't you?

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