Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Did You Notice: Jedi Armor

Did you notice that even the Jedi General Kota in the Force Unleashed video game wore armor, even if it was ornamental. Let's face it, Lucas and his many organizations have absolutely zero problems with Jedi wearing armor. But for some reason, SOE and the anti-Jedi crowd seem to be against the concept, with the latter often throwing ridiculous fits or demanding the ability to equip ornamental lightsabers if Jedi were to get statless armor.

Is it a top priority that Jedi get statless armor for the Appearance Tab? Absolutely not. The new appearance options should be enough to appease just about everyone who's taken umbrage with the system prior to AdeptStrain's wondeful brain child. Should it be added in a future update as a small, value-added feature of the system? I tend to think so; there is no good reason I've heard yet that suggests Jedi shouldn't have the same appearance options as everyone else. The point is... it's canonical.
So... did you notice?

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