Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hot Topics: Roller Coaster Servers

Pick one. That's right. Or just throw a dart. Heave a stone. Spit in the general direction. Do so, and you're likely to hit another post about the state of the SWG servers. As I type this, the login server is the latest victim... because why should only one galaxy be affected?

I got to a count of 14 posts before I both lost interest in the tally and decided that it was already significant enough to consider this a "Hot Topic" worthy of the planet of Mustafar that graces the back of the logo used.

Jedi. No Jedi. Armor. No armor. NGE. Pre-NGE. Decay. No Decay. Divide the community any way you like, but I think we can all agree that server downtime is no fun, nor is it acceptable with the frequency it's been happening.

Go ahead. Dash on over to the Game Play Discussion forum and have a look for yourself. The natives are restless and they've a right to be.

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