Monday, January 26, 2009

SWG Thought of the Day: Gifts Done Right

SOE is listening, or at least they guessed right for once. The latest gift to players is the All Powerful Sarlacc. Well, at least a miniaturized version. The item is a decorative one that animates and looks well done -at least for what it is.

But here's the kicker: active subscribers will see that their sarlacc does something that sarlaccs gifted to returning vets do not. Follow the link and learn more (or don't) but like it or not it's a trend that should continue. Catering to the subscribers is good business! Those who don't pay might be lured in by the good customer service and value added. Just the way capitalism intended.

Now all we need to do is fix the fact that Veteran Reward months are counted even if not paid for. Baby steps, taken first by baby sarlaccs.

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