Monday, December 1, 2008

SWG Thought of the Day: Moderator Response

So I finally received a response from the moderator after sending Private Messages every day. Here is the response I received.

I think I've previously made it clear that there is no reason to post yet another NGE thread. I'm sorry if that offends you but posting about something that happened three years ago and always turns into flaming is not needed. Please steer clear of posting abotu the NGE because it can be interpreted as trolling.


Uh huh. Nice. That's as close to an apology as I'm going to get. Here is my response, but I assume that it will end there. For everyone's sake, I hope it does.

Thank you for the response; I do appreciate it. Obviously my post was read as trolling then. While the NGE "happened" three years ago, we are still playing that system today. If I am comparing this game system to any other system, I can only use the term "NGE" in order to communicate my message.

Regarding the message, I felt it relevant to note that other games that did not follow this MMO template were failing, while SWG continued to succeed.

I can find no other forum post that made this connection and was happy to receive some mature and serious responses that were on-topic. Many players were not around three years ago, but my post took place during the "Veteran Free Month" time as well, and those players were likely involved in both game systems.

I recommend updating the Forum Rules to clarify the action taken against me. There is no rule that states posts speaking about the NGE are discouraged. In fact, any post that discusses any existing gameplay is discussing the NGE. Your censors would need to double their efforts.

We must just agree to disagree, as I feel my post was legit, topical, and original. Locking such a thread is ridiculous, if I can be frank.

Good day to you,

You know, I never realized I was so against censorship. I think what really burns me up is the fact that there is some form of arbitrary ruling at play here; a clear abuse of power. And I still, to this day, believe that the moderator did not even read the original posting but rather just saw the term NGE and decided to make use of the cute little moderator buttons that are hidden from regular schmucks like myself.

Oh, the offensive posting (actually, a positive SOE/SWG post for the most part) can be found here. How dare I troll?

Maybe next time, I'll post a poll. Those aren't entirely illegal by the wording of the Forum Rules either.

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