Saturday, November 29, 2008

SWG Thought of the Day: TCG Loot and Expansions

So the initial TCG game contains SWG items that are exclusive to the TCG and accessible either by (a) purchasing booster packs or (b) getting lucky and receiving a loot card in one of the five free, monthly packs given to subscribers.

No problem, really. It generates interest in the TCG and lines SOE's pockets at the same time. No real "betrayal" is at play here.

But now we are approaching the first TCG expansion and it's more of the same without any significant additions to the main SWG game.

Isn't this just legalized profiteering? Maybe that's a stretch, but the fact remains that our $15 a month subscription fee is no longer adequate in order to use new content. Not only this, but the players who pay money to be a trader are even further smacked around by the fact that they are not able to craft these new items.

This trend of exclusive TCG loot cannot continue.

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